WE ARE CLOSED, we have had the joy of serving our wonderful guests for the past five years and wish everyone special times of spending time with friends and family

I am retiring after five years running the cafe.  I have loved getting to know so many wonderful guests who have become friends and some like family.  We have closed the café.  We were not able to find to a buyer who will continue what has been started, I will miss everyone and hope another tea place will come along and take the place of the café.


My mother was the inspiration for my cafe. She was born and raised in Africa as the child of missionaries in what was then Northern Rhodesia.  In Africa, tea was the main drink and it was drank the English way, hot with milk and sugar.  


When I grew up tea was also a main drink in our house.  As children, we would have tea with Mother, but our would be Cambric Tea, 80% milk and 20% tea.  In fact, as a child I don’t remember drinking anything else but milk, tea and Kool-Aid.  I loved all the times we had tea, it was special, we would dress up and sometimes we would be able to use Mother’s best china, what a thrill and great memories.

When I began working I started collecting tea sets and giving teas for ladies groups and for baby and wedding showers.  It was always a time when memories were made and it was then that I began dreaming of retiring early and opening a tea shop.  I never really thought that it could happen, but in late 2012 my bank was downsizing and our department was closed and I was displaced.  


So all of a sudden I was at that early retirement age and free to make my dream come true. It took longer than I had anticipated, but with the help and support of friends and family, my dream has become reality. 

 I have been able to open the English Garden Tea Cafe.   I want the cafe to be a place where you might be in a mall, but once inside the doors you are in a garden.


I also want it to be a place where it is always time for tea.  Where friends and family can meet, relax, have that wonderful pot of tea, a good lunch and a home made bakery item.  For those special occasions or just because, our guests can put on a hat and enjoy the elegance of our Victorian Teas with the tiered plates and all the dainty sandwiches and desserts.  My reward is seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter, I know memories are being made.

Teas, lunches, and mouth-watering desserts. Stop by for our varied menu and enjoy our English Garden concept

O U R  M E N U

We will be closed in the month of January


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